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Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that it has been fifteen years since I first hesitantly walked into a meeting of the Freethought Association (now CFI Michigan) shortly after leaving behind my fundamentalist Christian beliefs!

“It was like a breath of fresh air!” ... “I am so glad I’m not the only one!”

These phrases, and many others like them, have been repeated by so many of you over the years. I remember feeling the exact same way, and this group quickly became a much needed social lifeline on the journey from religion to secularism. This is what motivated me to get involved.

Please donate today!I wanted to ensure our organization would thrive so that others could find the same sense of community and the freedom to explore ideas, question beliefs, and openly express their views, as I did so many years ago.

As I transition into the role of executive director, I look forward to leading the charge in our fight to defend science, reason, free inquiry, and humanist values. I am honored by your continued support of our community and grateful for the countless hours Jeff Seaver, our founding executive director, and all of our volunteers and members have devoted to building this community over the past twenty years.

The challenges we face in our society today are dire. This has been a disheartening year for so many people, and although the outlook seems bleak right now, we cannot give up.

The constant attacks of the religious right on our constitution and civil liberties must be faced head on. It’s no longer enough to just sit in our communities and attend lectures or social gatherings, as necessary and important as those things are. There are major battles going on over public policy and legal precedents that will determine whether this country continues to move toward a more secular future or whether it returns to being less fair, less equal, and less secular.

The persistent attacks on science by the Trump administration, including direct efforts to silence scientists and suppress scientific evidence, disbanding the federal advisory committee on climate change, and using fake science to justify restrictions on birth control access, are just a few examples of why it is so vital that we openly fight to protect the scientific process, and improve science education!

We must join together and take action NOW! Your support and involvement is what makes our fight possible. I’m asking you to donate today and take a stand with CFI Michigan.

We need your help to take full advantage of a great opportunity: the Louis Appignani Quarter Million Dollar Challenge. From now until the end of the year, Lou is matching all donations to the Center for Inquiry dollar-for-dollar, up to a quarter million dollars.

Please donate today!Will you join him by giving today?

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Jennifer Beahan 2017Thank you for your support,

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Jennifer Beahan
Executive Director
CFI Michigan


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