Advocacy Response Team

Over the next four years the Center for Inquiry has quite the fight ahead of us to resist harmful initiatives that threaten the rights of secular individuals and defend our shared ideals of reason, science, and secular values.

We need your Help! We've created the Michigan Advocacy Response Team to enable you and CFI Members across Michigan to join us in the fight!

Complete the form below to Sign-up for the CFI MI Advocacy Response Team and get started as a Citizen Activist today.

  • Not sure what you can commit to? No worries! Each time you receive an update, you choose whether to participate. Details for Advocacy Actions or projects will be listed in each email. If you're unable to take action, no response is required.
  • Everyone who signs-up will be added to the CFI MI Advocacy Response Team Email List – we’ll use this to send you periodic emails with Urgent Advocacy Actions on pending legislation, Advocacy training opportunities, and upcoming advocacy projects that we need help to accomplish.
  • Sign-up for CFI’s National Advocacy Alerts in our national email system - You'll receive periodic emails (usually one or two a month) from our Alert System with information on how to call/email legislators about specific issues, usually at the national/Federal level.
  • Help Track New & Pending Legislation: Work with the Advocacy Leadership Team to keep an eye on new legislation based on CFI’s advocacy priorities.
  • Join the CFI MI Advocacy Response Leadership Team - The Leadership Team works with the Advocacy Committee to track legislation, set advocacy priorities, and help develop response plans, talking points and call scripts for various pieces of legislation and advocacy issues