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Thank you for your interest in supporting CFI–Michigan as a volunteer.

Individuals interested in volunteering are asked to complete this profile and attend a volunteer orientation. Additional training or an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator or CFI–MI Staff may be required for certain volunteer positions.

Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page for current volunteer openings and descriptions of volunteer positions. If you have any questions please contact us at mivolunteers(at)centerforinquiry.net or call 616-698-2342.

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  I'll help wherever needed (also check specific interests below)
  I'm interested in an internship (approval required: Please email us)

Social Action
  Join the Advocacy Response Team and help with issue based activism.
  Food for Comfort: assisting CFI members in need.
  Secular Service Projects: CFI's Values in action to help the community.

Event Volunteers
  Event Volunteer: Setup/Teardown, Greeter, Merchandise Sales
  Community Outreach: Staff Information Table at public events/festivals
  Host Event(s): Discussion Groups, Social Events, etc.
  Audio/Visual: Run sound system/provide tech support for events
  Videography/Video Editing
  Speaker for lecture events

  Clerical/Administrative: Office Tasks, Event Prep, Mailings, Database

Public Relations/Marketing
  Internet/Website/Social Media
  Graphic Design/Artistic

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