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Jason Pittman

Jason PittmanLike many of you, I don’t have a lot of extra money to toss around. But I am so grateful to all that CFI has given me that I have made a $1,000 pledge. That sounds like a lot of money — and it is — but since it was a three-year pledge it amounts to less than $1 a day! When considering my donation, I asked myself, "How much does CFI mean to me? How much is it worth to have a place where you can hear internationally known speakers, enjoy the company of fellow free-thinkers, and speak your mind without fear?" I hope you will join me in supporting CFI because we need organizations like CFI to fight against religious discrimination and protect the rights of the non-religious.

Bob Goodrich

Bob GoodrichI support CFI Michigan through regular monthly donations because I believe that CFI is an effective institution to both publicize and teach the humanistic principles I totally endorse. They also provide a community of supportive friends for anyone who has been alienated by the authoritarian, non-factual thinking that surrounds them. Through CFI, I have met people that I can rely on to accomplish progressive goals.

Nancy Bedell

Nancy BedellOur Christian/religious culture — especially in Michigan — badly needs the antidote of an organization espousing secular values, science, and rational public policy! CFI Michigan provides a public voice for secular individuals, as well as a community for non-believers who feel constantly beleaguered and proselytized. CFI provides a much needed forum for discussion, a community for learning and inspiration, and an alternative to traditional belief systems. That's why I support CFI with a monthly pledge.

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